Mark 4: 24-25 NLT

everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every
secret will be brought to light.
with ears to hear should listen and understand.”
Then he added, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more
understanding you will be given
—and you will receive even more.
those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given
But for those
who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken
away from them.”

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dr. Jim Garrow - on Dave Hodges radio show - about a planned attack upon multiple shopping malls inside of the United States which will be similar in scope to what happened in Nairobi with the attack on just the one mall.

Intelligence Rumblings:

I have avoided sharing certain information because I took an oath and will not break that oath. I am skating on the edge today because of information that I would be derelict in my duty if I did not share it. Islamists currently in the country, aided by those who have recently arrived via the southern sieve we call a border and those who boldly came on aircraft in a variet...y of disguises have a purpose in their criminality. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible. This is terrorism in its lowest form. The purpose is to inflict fear in the hearts of Americans through this targeting of where we go to shop and relax.

The date will be a significant one for the islamists. The event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations (note the number). The police, DHS, and security services throughout the nation should be warned and take appropriate action.

Why release this on Facebook? It turns out that the necessary agencies are reading my stuff. Why make phone calls when this gets the news out in a speedy fashion to all of them in an instant message.

Be warned, my sources on this are impeccable. I lay my 100% record of reliability on the line.

- Dr. Jim Garrow -
July 27, 2014
Dr. Jim Garrow
Former High School Principal, College President, Teachers College Principal - Currently own schools in China - Have a philanthropic work saving baby girls from gendercide in China - wrote a book about the work called, The Pink Pagoda; One Mans Quest to End Gendercide in China. (WND books) Spent 45 years as a covert operative for an agency of the United States of America.
  I interviewed former CIA operative, Dr. Jim Garrow, about a planned attack upon multiple shopping malls inside of the United States which will be similar in scope to what happened in Nairobi with the attack on just the one mall. In fact, Dr. Garrow says that Nairobi was the beta test for what’s coming to shopping malls inside the United States, except for what is going to happen here, will dwarf the Nairobi event. Since Dr. Garrow’s first revelation about the coming series of terrorist actions, more information is coming to light regarding the operation. The end game is martial law with, as we have suspected, the UN in charge. The mall attacks are the precursor event and this is explained in the recording. For nearly two years, I have maintained that the United States was going to be attacked by Russia and China and that both countries were maintaining a covert troop presence on U.S. soil for this express purpose. The facts surrounding the Garrow account confirm my beliefs and facts. The connections, between my private sources regarding the illegal immigration invasion and a Fifth Column insurgency designed to plunge America into martial law as well as Jim Garrow’s mall attack revelations are stunning and are all contained within this short one hour recording. The interview commences 6 minutes into the recording. Here is the link to the one hour Dr. Jim Garrow interview.

Listen to Hour 2

Other interviews
Dave Hodges Interviews Ex-CIA Jim Garrow About Chinese Takeover of America
 (The interview begins 6 minutes after the top of each hour)

On May 4, 2014, I interviewed the controversial Dr. Jim Garrow. The interview was explosive and the most controversial interview I have performed in my broadcast career. During the course of the interview, Garrow, the ex-CIA agent, made the following claims:
1. There will be a devastating currency devaluation, in relation to the Chinese currency, before the end of the year.
2. The coming currency devaluation will be accompanied by an EMP attack upon America (Please note that since the Garrow interview, I have subsequently verified that the Chinese have developed localized EMP weapons for use in smaller geographic areas).
3. Garrow claimed that  there are over 250,000 Chinese troops in the USA, today!
4. The Bundy Ranch is a watershed event which exposes the involvement of some US top politicians with the Chinese in their attempt to takeover the country in repayment for debt. The involvement of ENN, the Chinese energy company in the Bundy Affair is significant because ENN is, in reality, owned by the Chinese government.
5. During the course of the interview, Garrow refused to answer the following question: “Are/Have the Chinese acquiring the Federal Reserve?”  I have subsequently discovered that the Chinese are acquiring major banks which own the Federal Reserve. This is Federal Reserve acquisition through the backdoor by the Chinese.
6. Garrow confirmed what I have already reported with regard to the fact that the rising economies of the world are becoming gold-based economies. The United States is not one of these countries. What does this say about end times prophecy which indicates that the US is not around for the end times?
And there is much, much more….
You will be hard-pressed to find a more controversial interview than the one contained within these two hours.

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