Mark 4: 24-25 NLT

everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every
secret will be brought to light.
with ears to hear should listen and understand.”
Then he added, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more
understanding you will be given
—and you will receive even more.
those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given
But for those
who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken
away from them.”

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Friday, September 26, 2014

David and Nona Grant - Understanding America in the Bible - Very Eye Opening!! -- Who is America? Is America found in the bible? If America is in the bible, what does God say about America? And if God has something to say about America, then don't you think we need to listen?

Resources -

----  Radio Address by F. F. Bosworth The House of Israel and The House of Judah (He wrote the book - Christ the healer))

---- ~ Vision of George Washington ~is recorded at the Library of Congress

-- Documents by Pastors David and Nona Grant -
There Sons wrote these two books
America In The Bible
America In The Bible - “The United States of America is not in the Bible.” So said a noted pastor, during a national interview. Is this true? If so, the implications are staggering. America would be a nation declining into oblivion, or she might be Babylon. Either way, she would be hated by God, and Christian believers should get out while they can.
However, what if the United States of America is in the Bible? Welcome to the discovery! Steven Grant takes you on an exciting ride through the Bible and history, one that reads like an adventure novel. Questions addressed in the book include:
• Is America merely lucky?
• Does God have His hand in America’s history?
• What will happen to America?
• How does America fit into God’s plan?
You may not think of America the same way after reading this book. For Christians, and for patriots who have loved America but didn’t know why, this is a book for you. America in the Bible. Heaven’s kingdom. It’s time for the truth. And it’s time you knew.
In Defense Of A Nation
In Defense Of A Nation -
American Christians and patriots know that a battle is brewing. It is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. Since the election of Barack Obama its temperature has reached an all-time high. The battleground is spiritual, political, and even physical-and the grand finale is coming soon to a street corner near you.
As history bears out, God does not use bigger church buildings, cool songs with lights and big drums, or elaborate productions to deliver nations from the jaws of tyranny. He does it by first destroying the corrupt political systems that oppress the people, then bringing about a spiritual awakening in the people, and finally bringing liberty to the people.
History is about to repeat itself once again in America.
Using scripture and current events, In Defense of a Nation frames the coming battle in a way that will cause you to lose sleep. It examines such questions as these:
• Is America a lucky anomaly in human history, or is it a deliberate act of God?
• Who is America in the Bible?
• Is God finished with America?
• What will the inevitable clash between Islam and Communism vs. America and the Jewish State of Israel look like?
• When will it occur?
• What is the beast system of the Bible, and who is the son of perdition?
• Who is the community organizer in Scripture that carried the anti-Christ messages of social justice and redistribution of wealth?
• Who will promote these same messages in the last days, and how will they be used against America?
America's toughest days are just ahead, but so is our crowning moment in history. You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Now, make it count.
The House of Israel and The House of Judah -

It is very important for every student of prophecy, in fact, it is absolutely necessary for their understanding, to see the distinction the Bible makes between the Jews and the other Tribes of Israel. The Bible Distinction Between
"The House of Israel"
"The House of Judah"

Radio Address by F. F. Bosworth


I can say with deep and humble gratitude that I heard him speak!

It was at a William Branham healing campaign in Eugene, Oregon.  Evangelist Bosworth believed that Branham was "a man sent from God."  In fact, he became a member of the Branham team.

His was a commanding presence.  He was brilliant in the pulpit.  His messages were clear and full of revelation knowledge.  He was a Teacher-Preacher, a true scholar and his message was understandable.

He became a great Christian Statesman.

Evangelist F. F. Bosworth learned to preach under the late Alexander Dowie of Zion, Illinois.  There is where his famous book, "CHRIST THE HEALER" was hammered out on the anvil of experience and Bible instruction.  It is said that each chapter of the book was a sermon of his.

An elderly couple which attended my services for several years, knew him as a youth.  They said he was the Band Leader of Zion Tabernacle and worked in an ice cream store!

In the 1920's and 30's great crowds attended his Healing Crusades.  He was also a pioneer preacher in radio ministry.  Evangelist Bosworth had one of the most powerful ministries the 20th century has ever known.

Evangelist Bosworth's sermon contained in this booklet is a Bible teaching message that is a real gem.  It is a corrective teaching message that cannot be refuted.  The work of a 'rightly dividing' of Scripture.  How easily the Holy Spirit uses this dedicated vessel to unravel a most difficult topic in the Bible and make it easily understandable.

Read this booklet carefully, assimilate its contents and your life will never be the same!

George W. Southwick, D.D.
Pastor, Bible Teacher
Conference Speaker


By Evangelist F. F. Bosworth

Today there is much teaching on the subject of prophecy, and it is important that there should be. It is very important for every student of prophecy, in fact, it is absolutely necessary for their understanding, to see the distinction the Bible makes between the Jews and the other Tribes of Israel. Until this distinction between the two Houses, Israel and Judah, as that distinction is taught in the Scriptures, is clearly understood, a great portion of the Bible will remain a closed book. This clear distinction between the two Houses is never lost sight of in the Bible, and until it is understood, it is impossible to follow the truth of Scripture on this subject, or to understand the Bible story of Israel. If we had time we could show you that ignorance of this distinction is responsible for much of the infidelity today. Because the pre-millennial promises God made to the "House of Israel" have not been fulfilled to the "House of Judah," they have accused God of unfaithfulness.

Many people today suppose that where Israel is mentioned in the Bible, it means the Jews. We read articles and hear sermons today in which the writers and speakers refer to "Abraham, the Jew." Isaac and Jacob are often called Jews, the most absurd and impossible thing as we shall see from the Scriptures. It is a common thing today to hear ministers and writers use such phrases as the following:

"The Jews in Egypt"
"The Exodus of the Jews"
"The Jews at Mt. Sinai"
"When the Jews entered Canaan"
"12 Tribes of the Jews"
"Abraham, the Jew"

Thousands of Christians use the terms "Israel," and "Jew," "The House of Israel," "The House of Judah," employing these and similar words and phrases as if they always referred to the same people. They do not know that according to Biblical history, there were no "Jews" known as such until about 15 centuries after Abraham was born, and until 600 years after the death of Moses.

Most Hebrews Not Jews

B eginning with Adam, we have the start, not only of chronology, but of the genealogical tables of the Bible. There are ten generations from Adam to Noah, and ten generations from Shem (Noah’s son) to Abraham. Eber or Heber was the fourth in generation from Shem. All of the descendants of Heber were Hebrews. Abraham was six generations later. He, therefore, was a Hebrew. The Hebrews were not Jews, because Judah, from whom the Jews descended, was not yet born. When the time came that there were Jews on the earth, of course, they also were Hebrews - a very small portion of them - but the great mass of Hebrews were not Jews, and are not today. Let us closely follow the facts.

"Abraham had eight sons. One son was Ishmael whose mother was Hagar. One son was Isaac, whose mother was Sarah. After Sarah’s death, Abraham married Keturah, and she bore unto him six sons. Abraham, being a Hebrew, or descendant of Heber, his descendants would of course be Hebrews, and their descendants would also be Hebrews, but their descendants are not Jews. If they are, then Ishmael, that would make the Arabs Jews. The descendants of Keturah’s six sons became the Brahmins of India. It would be foolish to declare that they are Jews, although as the descendants of Abraham, they are of the stock of Heber, and therefore Hebrews. The same reasoning applies to Isaac, Isaac was a Hebrew, the son of Abraham. Now Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. If Isaac was a Jew, then both Esau and Jacob would be Jews. This would make the descendants of Esau also Jews, but the descendants of Esau became the Edomites, later the Turks; also the Pharoahs of the oppression were of the Esau line, but none of these people are Jews."

To call Abraham a Jew would make him a descendant of Isaac’s yet unborn grandson Judah. The Tribe of Judah had no existence on earth during the time of Abraham and Isaac. If Isaac was a Jew, then surely his twin sons, Jacob and Esau would be Jews. We all know that Esau, Jacob’s twin brother, became the progenitor of the Turks, as they are known today. If Jacob was a Jew, how could it be that his twin brother would not be, since they were both born of the same father and mother?

Descendants Do Not Name Their Ancestors

J acob, one of these twin brothers had 12 sons, which came from four different mothers. None of these 12 sons were Jews. One of his 12 sons was Judah, but in the sense in which we use the word "Jew" today, the term cannot be applied to Judah, for "he was not a Jew," because of the fact that they whom we call Jews today have certain characteristics and are racially a type that came into existence hundreds of years after Israel left Egypt. This racial type or remnant we know as the Jews is only a small portion of the descendants of Judah, who was only one of the 12 sons of Jacob. There are no Jews among any of the descendants of Jacob’s other 11 sons. Now Judah had three sons. "The descendants of one son, Zarah, peopled the shores of the Mediterranean, leaving Egypt before the exodus of the children of Israel." Pharez, the twin brother of Zarah, became the progenitor of the tribe of Judah. The tribe of Judah descending from Pharez was divided by the Lord into two Houses - the "House of David" and the "House of Judah."

Abraham was the father of Isaac; Isaac was the father of Jacob; Jacob, who was later named "Israel," became the father of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphthali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin. The 12 sons each became the head of a Tribe called after his own personal name. From Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, are descended the Jews; the word "Jew" being simply an abbreviation of the name "Judah." A glance at the geneology will show that it is impossible for Abraham, or Isaac, or Jacob, to have been Jews. Only the descendants of Judah - those coming after him, could be called by his name - not his ancestors. No one had ever been named "Judah" until more than 200 years after Abraham was named. Suppose your parents gave you the name of Charles. That does not name your ancestors, who lived two hundred years before you, Charles. And naming Jacob’s fourth son Judah would not make Abraham, his great grandfather, a Jew.

Israel and Judah Separate Nations

The 12 Tribes of Israel became two nations, with widely different destinies, until the time when they will be united in the coming age. (Ezek. 37:22) The distinction or separation between Judah and Israel was foreshadowed at an early date. We read in Psalm 114:1, 2 "When Israel went out of Egypt...Judah was His sanctuary and Israel His dominion." In Samuel’s day, the two Houses, Judah and Israel, were numbered separately. In I Samuel 11:8 we read "And when he numbered them in Bezek, the children of Israel were three hundred thousands and the men of Judah thirty thousand." Notice that even at this early date, Israel numbered ten times more than Judah. The Numerical contrast today is very much greater. The Bible tells us that the Jews would be "few in number," but it tells us that Israel would be as the sands of the sea for multitudes (Hosea 1:10). The Scriptures tell us that David reigned seven years over Judah before he was made King over Israel. If Judah and Israel are the same, how could David be king for seven years over Judah before he was made King over Israel? Until the year 975 B.C. the descendants of Jacob formed one nation. But they are spoken of as "the two families which the Lord hath chosen" (Jer. 33:24).

In the year 975 B.C. at the death of King Solomon, the nation was divided into two nations. In I Samuel 18:16 the expression "All Israel" is used, when Judah is excluded. I will quote you this passage: "But all Israel and Judah loved David, because he went out and came in before them." In II Chronicles 10:12-14 we are told that when Solomon died, and his son Rehoboam came to the throne, the ten tribes rebelled, and under Jereboam, formed the NORTHERN NATION; while Judah, along with Benjamin and certain Levites, formed the SOUTHERN NATION.

The NORTHERN NATION, which consisted of the Ten Tribes, was known under the following national titles: Israel, Ephraim, Isaac, Samaria, The House of Israel, The House of Judah and The Ten Tribes.


The SOUTHERN NATION, which consisted of the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin, was known as "Judah," "The House of Judah" or "The Jews." The capital of the SOUTHERN NATION was Jerusalem. If I had more time, I would quote you the Scriptures which show that this division of the Tribes of Israel into two nations was Divinely Predetermined, Divinely Predicted, Divinely Emphasized, Divinely Maintained, Divinely Accomplished, Divinely Explained, Divinely Approved. The Scriptures show that this division into Two Kingdoms had behind it and controlling it, the fore-ordaining eternal councils of God; and it took place for great, beneficent, well-defined and Divine reasons.

In Jeremiah the 3rd chapter, Israel is five times called "Backsliding Israel," a term never once applied to Judah, and Judah is four times called "Treacherous Judah," a term not once applied to Israel. I will read you this passage: "And I saw, when for all the causes whereby BACKSLIDING Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also." (Jer. 3:8) Ask those who declare that Israel and Judah are the same people to read that passage, analyzing it in the light of their belief. And there are many such passages showing the clear distinction between Israel and Judah. There are more than 2000 references to Israel in the Bible that have no reference whatever to the Jews. On the other hand, there are more than five hundred references to Judah that have no reference to Israel, and yet there are those continually trying to tell us there is no distinction between Israel and Judah, and continually refer to Israel as Jews, and even change the name of Judah to Israel. It is absurd as to use the words America and England interchangeably.

Here is another quotation for them to explain: "Backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah." Make Israel and Judah one and the same people referred to, and the statement becomes ridiculous. Many today are evidently unacquainted with the fact that, according to Biblical history, there was not a single "Jew" known as such upon the face of the earth earlier than 600 years after the death of Moses, or about 1500 years after Abraham was born. There were, of course, Hebrews and Israelites long before that time; Abraham and Isaac were Hebrews; but they were neither Israelites nor Jews. The 12 sons of Jacob were Hebrews and Israelites, but they were not Jews. The same may be said of Moses and Aaron, of the people of the Northern Kingdom, of Elijah and Elisha. To avoid confusion over the expression "Israel" it is necessary to determine in which sense it is used in any particular passage, whether it means: (1) "The whole of the Twelve Tribes; (2) Or the House of Judah alone as being a part of the Twelve Tribes; (3) Or the Ten-Tribed Kingdom."

Ten Tribed Israel Never Called Jews

N othing can be more unscriptural than to call all Israelites "Jews;" it is as absurd as calling all Americans Californians. Most of Israelites are not Jews because they are the descendants of the other tribes of Israel. There is just as much reason for calling all Israelites "Danites" or "Gadites" or "Ephramites" as there is for calling them Judahites or "Jews." It is just as reasonable to call all "Jews" "Danites" as it is to call all "Danites" "Jews." The term Jew is never used until more than a thousand years after Abraham. It appears for the first time in II Kings 16:6, where we are told that the King of Israel, together with the King of Assyria, made war against the King of Judah. Now since in this passage Israel, one Kingdom, made ware against the Jews, another Kingdom, how can they both be the Jews? The Scriptures never once refer to the Ten-Tribed House of Israel as "The Jews;" neither past, present, nor future. The term "The Jews" is never, in God’s Word, applied to the 12 Tribes, collectively, or to the Ten-Tribed House of Israel.

B ishop J. A. Allen of California, speaking of this modern confusion which we are discussing writes: "For ecclesiastical writers to ignore the national and racial representative Israelitish names of Joseph, Ephraim, and Samaria (The name of Israel’s former capital city, as used in history and prophecy, and to substitute "The Jews" either as a name or as a people, calling them the sole representatives of Israel’s race, is not only the height of ignorance, but THE GREAT ECCLESIASTICAL CRIME OF THE AGES. Truly an enemy hath done this."

In Jeremiah 13:11, nearly 400 years after the tribes were divided by God into the two kingdoms, "The Whole House of Israel" and "The Whole House of Judah" are both spoken of in the same verse, proving that neither House without the other constitutes all of the Lord’s chosen people. "The Whole House of Judah" are not all of the Lord’s people, and "The Whole House of Israel" are not all of the Lord’s people. It takes "The Whole House of Israel" together with "The Whole House of Judah" to make all of God’s chosen people; and comparatively few of these are Jews. This text proves conclusively that there is a people called the "Whole House of Israel" of which the "Whole House of Judah" is regarded as neither part nor parcel. The Holy Spirit has never either in Biblical history or prophecy, called the 10 Tribed House of Israel "Jews". They have never been called "Jews" except by uninformed and unscriptural teachers.

Birthright People Are Not Jews

The fact that Jacob’s two wives, Leah and Rachel, are spoken of as "building the House of Israel," of necessity divides the immediate household of Jacob into "two families." In Jeremiah 33:24 they are spoken of as "the two families which the Lord hath chosen." The Covenant promise of the BIRTHRIGHT was given to one of these families, and that of the SCEPTRE to the other family. Rachel was to be the mother of "thousands of millions" while Leah was to be the mother of royalty. Genesis 49:10 shows us that Judah represents the SCEPTRE family; and I Chronicles 5:2 tells us "THE BIRTHRIGHT is Joseph’s." Never try to apply a BIRTHRIGHT blessing to the Jews. Judah and the Jews were excluded from the BIRTHRIGHT promises, Joseph from the SCEPTRE. The BIRTHRIGHT people are not, and are never in the Scriptures called Jews.

In Ezekiel the 37th chapter we are told that "the two sticks" which are still separate, but which are yet to be reunited, represent Judah on the one hand, and Joseph and the "House of Israel" on the other. One of these sticks represents the SCEPTRE people and the other the BIRTHRIGHT people. Judah, the inheritor of the SCEPTRE, is only a half bother to Joseph, the inheritor of the BIRTHRIGHT. The SCEPTRE and the BIRTHRIGHT inheritors are "two-families" with different mothers. How could the distinction between the SCEPTRE and the BIRTHRIGHT families Judah and Israel be more emphatic?

Israel Distinct From Judah

Unless we see the distinction between the "House of Israel" and the "House of Judah" from the time of the division till the final and glorious reunion of the Two Houses, which will take place at the end of the "latter days," the prophecies concerning Israel cannot be understood. From the time of the division into two kingdoms until now, Judah and Israel have remained absolutely distinct. They were carried into captivity separately, at different times and by different nations, because Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians, 721 B.C. (II Kings 17:6); while Judah was carried into captivity 133 years later by the Babylonians 588 B.C. (II Kings 25:21). A portion of Judah returned after 70 years, as had been predicted (Ezra 2:1), but Israel never returned, nor was there any prediction that she would return until the final, glorious, restoration in the near future. All the prophecies were written after the division of the tribes into two nations; and these prophecies give the whole future of Israel as entirely distinct from Judah.

T he great Jewish historian Josephus, writing from Rome in the year 70 A.D. which was nearly 800 years after Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians says: "The entire body of the 10 Tribes are still beyond the Euphrates, an immense multitude not to be estimated by number." It is estimated that there were 50 million in Israel at the time of the division, and this was 800 years later.

Rev. Canon Faucett M.A. says in his "Critical and Expository Bible Encyclopedia" The idea that the House of Israel has been amalgamated and incorporated with the "Jews," is one of the most amazing errors in Biblical History.

The prophets write of Israel and Judah still being separate people in "the latter days," or the days of the Gospel dispensation. In the 37th chapter of Ezekiel is a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. God promising to unite the stick of Joseph, representing the House of Israel with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick in His hand. This and many other Scriptures require that Israel and Judah be kept separate until this union which has not yet taken place.

According to the prophet Hosea, the House of Israel in the last days was to become as the sands of the sea for number, before their reunion with the House of Judah, and their return, representatively, to Palestine (Hosea 1:10, 11). Also Jeremiah writes: "When ye be multiplied and increased in the land in those days...the House of Judah shall walk with the House of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north, to the land that I gave for an inheritance unto your Fathers" (Jer. 3:16-18).

In Jeremiah 30:3, 4 we have a prophecy yet to be fulfilled concerning the uniting of the two Houses. Here we read: "For the days come, saith the Lord, that I will bring again the captivity of MY PEOPLE Israel and Judah; and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers and they shall possess it. And these are the words that the Lord spake concerning Israel and concerning Judah." Here God calls Israel and Judah "My People Israel and Judah." So if Judah, the Jews, are the people of the Lord, then the Lord has a people besides the Jews whom He calls Israel and who are not counted among the Jews.

Long before the division took place, Moses, while prophesying unto the seed of Jacob, cried out: "Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah and bring him unto his people: (Deut. 33:7). This plainly shows that Judah was to be separated from his people and finally brought back to them. And the Scriptures tell us that shall not be until at the end of "the last days."

No Evidence For Amalgamation Theory

O rthodox Jews, even to this day, know that they do not represent the Ten-Tribed House of Israel. On the day of the Feast of Trumpets and on the Day of Atonement, they include in their prayer Jeremiah 31:20, and pray that Ephraim Israel (the Ten-Tribes) may be united with them. If we had time, we could quote from the testimony of Jewish scholars, and from their literature, showing that they know they are not representatives of the Ten-Tribed House of Israel. We have quotations from the "Jewish Encyclopedia," "The Jewish Religion," "The Jewish Chronicle," Rabbi Gershom, Prof. Neubauer, "The History and Literature of the Israelites," "The Jewish Quarterly Review," etc. The Rabbi Dr. Hertz, of London, says: "People known at present as Jews are descendants of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin...we look forward to the gathering of all the Tribes at some future date." The learned Isaac Leiser says that "The Israelitish nation was left in banishment after the return of the Jews from Babylon." Professor Neubauer wrote: "The hope of the return of the ten tribes has never ceased among the jews in exile." Josephus, a Jew, and loyal to Jewish history and tradition, wrote about 70 A.D. or about 800 years after the captivity of Ten-Tribed Israel as follows: "The 10 Tribes did not return to Palestine; only two Tribes served the Romans after Palestine became a Roman province."

Jeremiah prophesied that only they who were taken by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon were to return. Then the historical fulfillment of that prophecy must see only a return of those taken to Babylon. Both Ezra and Nehemiah testify to the fact that historically only those taken by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon did return (Ezra Chapter 2: Nehemiah Chapter 7).

The return to Palestine of the 10 Tribes at any time in the past is contrary to Kings and Chronicles, contrary to Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah, Jerome and Josephus, and to history. In the prophecy that the "Two Sticks," Judah, and the House of Israel will become "one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one King (the Lord Jesus Christ) shall be King to them all" we have Divine proof that the two Houses are still separate, because Christ is not reigning over them as King at the present time.

In connection with the return of the Jews from Babylon, Nehemiah says: "I saw Jews that had married wives of Ashdod, and of Ammon, and of Moab," (Nehemiah 13:23). Ezra declares the same fact, naming the Hittites as among those with whom marriages were consummated. In Ezra 9:1 - Ezra says "They have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed has mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hands of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass." You can see how the facial expressions of all the descendants of these intermarriages would differ from that of the pure descendants of Judah, and still more from the BIRTHRIGHT TRIBES who were only half brothers of Judah to begin with.

When Jesus told the Jews in his day that he would go where they could not find Him, though they should seek for Him, the Jews, knowing of Israel still in dispersion, inquired: "Will He go to the dispersed among the Gentiles? (John 7:35). This passage shows that the Jews knew that the Ten Tribes were still in dispersion among the Gentiles.

God divided the Abrahamic promises among Jacob’s twelve sons, and when He said through Jacob that Ephraim’s "Seed shall become a multitude of nations." He was not referring to the Jews who never have or ever will be "a multitude of nations," God was speaking to the BIRTHRIGHT heirs. The "Nation and a Company of Nations" promised in Gen. 35:11 was a BIRTHRIGHT BLESSING TO BE FULFILLED" in the last days before Christ’s Return (Gen. 49:1) to Joseph and his descendants (I Chron. 5:1), none of which are Jews. In Jer. 31:9, God said, "Ephraim is My firstborn," and in Gen. 48:19, Jacob said of Ephraim, "His seed shall become a multitude of nations" - just the opposite of what was said of Judah - "He shall become a remnant." That this promise to Israel was not to Judah is proven by the fact that Judah has never been a multitude of nations, and never will be. And so, more than 2,000 times God refers to Israel when what He says has no more to do with the Jews than with the Germans, or the Italians or the Chinese, or the Russians. On the other hand, the word "Jew" is mentioned 265 times, and in no instance does it refer to the Northern Kingdom of Israel or to any of their descendants.

The Amalgamation Theory Receives No
Support From Holy Scripture

The book of Micah plainly teaches that the Jews who "halted" were to become "A remnant," while Israel "that was cast far off," was to become "a strong nation" (Micah 4:7). The bringing together of these "two families" is to be associated with the Kingdom-Age. Till then, they would be separate. Some errors are slow in dying but this amalgamation-assumption which falsifies hundreds of Scriptures is now only lingering upon its death bed.

It is important to notice that neither the Major nor the Minor Prophets appear in the Old Testament until about 200 years after the division of the Twelve Tribes into two nations. What then did they find was the condition of God’s chosen race? Was there any sign of amalgamation among them? Not a scintilla. The prophets found them still divided into two nations; as separate as France and Italy, or Britain and America. They had separate Kings, separate administrations, separate national alliances, and of course, separate national titles. The National title of the Ten Tribes was "Israel," or "Ephraim," because the Tribe of Ephraim had become the Tribe of the Birthright owing to the sin of Reuben. We have seen that the national title of the other two tribes was "Judah," a remnant of which were later called "The Jews."

It was during this state of affairs that the prophets commenced their ministry - some residing in the territory of Israel, and others in that of Judah. The Prophets addressed these two nations by the names that God gave them - "Israel" being the title which the Northern Nation had decided to retain; and "Judah" being the title which the Southern Nation had decided to assume . Hence we find that all through their writings, whether of warning, of rebuking, or directing, or consoling; and whether their words were historical or prophetical, the prophets recognized the separate condition of the Two Nations, and accordingly addressed them by their chosen and well-known national titles.

Ten Tribed Israel a Non-Jewish People

The separation into the Two Nations took place many years before any of the major or minor prophets wrote; therefore, the "Israel" known to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, the minor prophets, our Lord, the evangelists, and the apostles, had no Tribe of Judah in it. Israel, as known to all of these writers, was a non-Jewish people. Israel has remained a non-Jewish people to this day. The amalgamation theory is hopelessly discredited in the presence of the Bible. The closing books of Bible history leave Israel and Judah in separation from each other, while Bible prophecy keeps them separated until reconciled and united in the Kingdom-Age, and are dwelling representatively in the Holy Land under the personal reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, their welcomed and Crowned Messiah.

Hosea’s statement that Israel shall be "as the sand of the sea which cannot be measured nor numbered" is not made concerning Judah (Hosea 1:10). In the first chapter we read "Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the land: for great shall be the day of Jezreel." Did the two nations of captives "gather together" and amalgamate while in the land of their captivities? Did they "together appoint themselves one head" when the small remnant of Judah returned from Babylon? Both Ezra and Nehemiah, who were the historians of the Babylonian return, inform us that this was not the case.

That this uniting of Judah and Israel did not take place when the remnant of Judah returned after the Babylonian captivity, is clearly proved by Jeremiah’s prophecy in the third chapter where we are told that "The House of Judah shall walk with the House of Israel and they shall "come together out of the land of the North to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers" (Jer. 3:18). Nothing like this has yet taken place. The 17th verse of this chapter shows us that when Israel and Judah unite, Jerusalem will be so fully under Divine truth and influence that she will be called "The Throne of Jehovah." This shows us that this uniting of the Two Houses has not yet taken place, and when it does it will not be a Jewish Nation. It will be the Israel Nation.

Of this reunion of Israel and Judah, Jeremiah in the 50th chapter and 4th verse says, "In those days, and in that time, saith the Lord, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together: They shall go on their way weeping, and shall seek the Lord their God." It was not in "the former days" but at the end of "the latter days" [after the "seven times" or 2520 years punishment of both Houses has run out] that this is prophesied to take place; and if Israel is already amalgamated with Judah - this and other prophecies can never be fulfilled. Jeremiah goes on to say in the 20th verse, "In those days, and in that time, saith the Lord, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found; for I will pardon them whom I leave as a remnant." We all know that such a return and union of Israel and Judah has never yet taken place.

Return "Together Out of the Land of the North"

A ccording to the amalgamation theory, which has no support of the Scripture, Israel would have gone south to join Judah instead of Judah going north to join Israel for Jeremiah says "In those days, "The House of Judah shall walk with the House of Israel, and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers." We know that this has never yet happened. This is not true even of Judah’s return from Babylon. They returned from the south. When Israel and Judah become "one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, they are to have one King and be no more two nations" says Ezekiel (37:22). That this uniting of Israel and Judah was not in the past is again proven by the fact that the Jews have never had a King since they went into Babylonian captivity. As a matter of undeniable fact, there never has been, to this very day, a Davidic King reigning in the Holy Land from the year B.C. 586, when the temple was destroyed, and the House of Judah was carried away captive to Babylon. Anyhow it was not of any human monarch that Ezekiel wrote when his prophetic vision spanned the gulf of ages, and he beheld the glories of the Crowned Redeemer and of His ransomed, restored, and united Israel. Ezekiel had reference to Him of whose Second Coming we read; "And He hath on His vesture and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS" (Rev. 19:16).

And then, I ask, did the returned captives abide in the land "forever"? The prophet tells us that when Israel and Judah are reunited, their descendants were to be in perpetual occupation of the land. We know that this has never taken place because the Jews were suddenly driven out in A.D. 70, and have been wanderers for 18 centuries. This shows again that the Ten Tribes did not go back with the Jews when they returned from Babylon.

Jerome was one of the most eminent of the early fathers of the Church. He wrote, in the 4th century, which was more than a thousand years after Ten Tribed Israel went into captivity as follows: "Unto this day, the ten Tribes are subject to the Kings of Persia" - - "The Ten Tribes inhabit at this day the cities and mountains of the Medes." He knew that Israel had not returned to Judah, that the ten tribes were still separated from the Jews.

Ezra, in the 2nd chapter and the 1st verse, shows us that those who returned to Jerusalem were all from one "province." This word is in the singular. This is proof that the House of Israel who were captive not in this "province," but in another country, did not return.

In the book of Ezra, which mentions the two tribes that returned, none of the Ten Tribes were listed. And in the book of Nehemiah, which says that only Judah and Benjamin returned, none of the ten tribes are mentioned.

In Zechariah the 10th chapter, which was written 18 years after the Jews had returned from Babylon, the prophet shows that when he wrote, the Two Houses of Israel and Judah were still separate. And then all His prophecies concerning Israel require that they shall be kept separate from Judah as a people until their future uniting. On page 500 of the Scofield Bible, Dr. Scofield says, "The two Kingdoms are to be reunited in the future Kingdom" and then cites a number of Scriptures to prove the assertion.

The amalgamation-theory is hopeless. It is a mere assumption. All who hold that theory will have to abandon it if they follow the testimony of Holy Scripture. If they adhere to their theory they will be in conflict with the Word of God, and with all the historical facts. Their theory breaks down at every point. None of those who hold that Israel was amalgamated with the Jews can tell you when the amalgamation took place. Just so the Scriptures, which require that Israel shall be a great military power in the last days, cannot be applied to the Jews; and they are not applicable to Israel during the Millennium when there will be no wars. These promises are pre-millennial, and not consistent with millennial times.

The many Scriptures also which require that Israel in these last days shall be a maritime people "whose seed shall be in many waters" cannot be applied to the Jews; but they apply perfectly to the BIRTHRIGHT section of Isaac’s descendants to whom the promises were made.

We have seen in other broadcasts that Jerusalem was trodden down of the Gentiles exactly "seven times" or 2520 years to the very day. Obadiah in the 17th verse speaks of the soldiers under General Allenby, who delivered Jerusalem from the Turks on the exact day and in the exact manner in which God says Jerusalem would be delivered, as belonging to the House of Jacob (verse 17). The next verse shows us what part of "The House of Jacob" they were - "The House of Joseph." And the next verse shows what part of the House of Joseph they were - "Ephraim;" and in the same verse He speaks of them as "the children of Israel." Also in Ezekiel 25:14 God shows us that it would be Israel who would drive out the Turks and end the "treading down of the Gentiles" in Palestine. To insist that these Scriptures addressed to Israel are to be applied to the Jews is to call the soldiers of General Allenby Jews.

Thus, you see that if we were to discuss each of the hundreds of Bible references to Israel as distinct from the Jews, it would furnish matter for a large volume.

In the authorized daily prayer book of the United Hebrew Congregation of the British Empire, there are three prayers which they pray for Israel as distinct from themselves. They pray both for "Judah" and "Israel." In one of these prayers they speak of Ephraim-Israel as "our brethren." Dr. V. Herman Adler, who in the past was chief rabbi of the Jewish Church in England, wrote: "The Ten Tribes did not return to the Holy Land."

In this discussion over the air, we have given you but a small part of the Biblical and historical proof of the distinction between Israel and Judah. We have scarcely touched upon the many wonderful prophecies concerning "Israel" which have no reference to the Jews, nor upon those relating to "Judah" which have no reference to Israel. To discuss these even briefly would furnish material for a good sized book.

For instance, to apply to the Jews the many Scriptures which require that the descendants of Ephraim shall be "a multitude (or Commonwealth) of Nations" (Gen. 48:19) in these "last days," before the union of the Two Houses, Judah and Israel, would be equivalent to saying that the only "Commonwealth of Nations" on earth today are Jews. The Anglo-Saxon Nations are Isaac’s sons or Saxons, but they are not Jews. Only one of the twelve Tribes are descendants of Judah. The Promise of "A Multitude of Nations" was made to Ephraim, not to Judah.

Again, Gen. 48:19 shows us that two great rival nations were to spring from Joseph "in the last days." To insist on applying this Scripture to the Jews, is equivalent to calling these great rival nations Jews.

Publisher’s note: Among many modern day Bible teachers there is a lack of proper understanding concerning the distinction between the House of Israel and the House of Judah. As a result of this wrong historical understanding, the popular theories of ‘Dispensationalism’ and ‘prophetic’ Futurism has created a false hope and a misguided allegiance among millions of God’s people.

Fred Francis (F. F.) Bosworth was a pioneer evangelist in the ministry of divine healing during most of the first half of the 20th century. He also had a profound understanding of the Holy Scriptures and was a believer in the Anglo-Israel message as stated in his sermon contained in this booklet. The following is a comment by Evangelist Bosworth written in 1952 concerning his ministry of proclaiming Jesus Christ as both Savior and Healer.

"For more than thirty years during great evangelistic campaigns, I have overworked, praying for the sick and afflicted. During fourteen years of this time, we conducted the National Radio Revival during which time we received about a quarter of a million letters, most of them containing prayer requests from sick and suffering people who could not have recovered without the direct action of the Holy Spirit in response to the "prayer of faith". We have received multiple thousands of unsolicited testimonies from those who have been miraculously healed of every bodily affliction I know anything about, including leprosy. To God be all the glory because these results are impossible to anyone but Him. As a result of these miracles, many thousands have been joyfully converted, whom we would have missed had we not preached the healing part of the gospel once a week in all our evangelistic campaigns."

The following are typical testimonials that were written by pastors concerning the ministry of Evangelist Bosworth.

"Neither shall we forget the precious teaching of that Apostle of Faith, Rev. Bosworth, which played an important part in each campaign, in creating and stimulating trust in the Great Physician. Again and again, under his ministry, we saw deaf spirits cast out and eardrums recreated. No case of sickness daunted the enthusiastic faith of this veteran warrior. He labored unceasingly and we certainly learned to love him."

Pastor A. H. Cooper

"The constructive teaching on Divine healing given by Brother F. F. Bosworth whom we regard as a 20th century pioneer of the ministry of the miraculous, inspired and established the faith of many. His undaunted faith in prayer for deaf mutes and the results which followed became an incentive to thousands to trust God for their healing."

Pastor John F. Wooderson

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DR. Jim Jim Garrow 10 min in. A SUV stopped in Wyoming muslims jihadists had 4 shoulder fired missles in the back of the SUV - the same people in the in the SUV had a list of 103 malls in America - comimg soon wake UP!!!!!

Note what happened in Wyoming was 2 weeks ago from on Sep 15, 2014
Also – A person started work at my job as a truck driver – this what He told me.

heads up I came across a Former Government Contractor who moved here from Texas.  He told me it is so very bad down there that he left.  The jihadists were flowing over the boarder so fast.  He left with his wife and camper.  He now lives up here in Cheyenne, WY.  He has a 40 ft. Camper always full with supplies and fuel.  He believes he has to be mobile being it may come here in the mountain states soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Obama's Fake War Against Terrorism Benefits Russia - Ezekiel 38?

◾ISIS Nuclear Devices Found In Texas? HAWK – ISIS To Get ‘Green Light’ To Attack America?

ISIS Nuclear Devices Found In Texas? HAWK – ISIS To Get ‘Green Light’ To Attack America?

By Live free or Die

HAWK breaks down the latest information to come to his attention about ISIS being run by SOMEONE in Washington DC, including news that ‘nuclear devices’ were taken from a home and car in Texas, only a week after HAWK warned about ‘loose buckets of sunshine’ in Texas after two RADCON 5 Alerts were detected.

With more proof that ISIS is already operating in the US emerging, specifically in or near West Virginia, this video gets hot after the 9 minute 50 second mark after HAWKs introductory remarks. He shares more proof that ISIS is being run by elements within our own government and warns that “it’s getting ready to go wild weazel” once ISIS ‘gets the green light’ to launch attacks in America.

URGENT WARNING: ISIS Coming to America - The "Gate of Hell" has been opened -- Wake Up America we will be attacked!!!! This speaking to America Wake up!!!!!!! Even Right at your door step!!!!!!

Wake Up America we will be attacked!!!! This speaking to America Wake up!!!!!!! Even Right at your door step!!!!!! (((URGENT WARNING: ISIS Coming to America - The "Gate of Hell" has been opened))))
Jeremiah 5 New King James Version (NKJV)
Behold, I will bring a nation against you from afar,...
O house of Israel,” says the Lord.
“It is a mighty nation,
It is an ancient nation,
A nation whose language you do not know,
Nor can you understand what they say.
Their quiver is like an open tomb;
They are all mighty men.

And they shall eat up your harvest and your bread,
Which your sons and daughters should eat.
They shall eat up your flocks and your herds;
They shall eat up your vines and your fig trees;
They shall destroy your fortified cities,
In which you trust, with the sword.
18 “Nevertheless in those days,” says the Lord, “I will not make a complete end of you. 19 And it will be when you say, ‘Why does the Lord our God do all these things to us?’ then you shall answer them, ‘Just as you have forsaken Me and served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve aliens in a land that is not yours

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Freedom 560 w/Ken Clark September 15th Hour 2

hour one starts in 21 min in first hour - then go to hour 2

09/18/14 - Wild Ass & Prostitutes -- No, this isn't a country song. But it is how God describes the situation in America. Don't believe us? Tune in to hear the contrast between current headlines and what the Word of Truth states. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free.

By Susan Duclos "This Sent Chills Up My Spine" - Dave Hodges On Hagmann And Hagmann

The headline is a direct quote from Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show, and after listening to him connect the dots of what he calls "one of the greatest threats to public health," on the Hagmann and Hagmann show below, the information, publicly available, should send chills down every single spine of those that listen to it.

Hodges imparts information that came to him from confidential sources, then as he states, he had an "AHA! moment," and started digging, and what he uncovered, via information available to the general public online,  shows despite knowing what we know about the Ebola outbreak, the spread, the CDC warnings that it is inevitable that it will appear in the US, if it hasn't already, "It gets worse" Hodges explains, and then proceeds to lay out exactly how.

First Hodges shares what his DEA sources have told him, which is that border patrol agents are "scared to death," of Ebola crossing the border via bioterrorism, then explains how he has received scanned copies of CDC emails sent to at least 11 states, on how to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in the US, making him assume that if 11 states received them, they must have been sent to all 50.

Then he started connecting dots by uncovering the connection between Ebola, the CDC which owns the Ebola patent, along with any related strain that has up to a 70 percent commonality, including hybrid strains, the NIH which owns the vaccine, a company called CRUCELL which has been working with Ebola and which is connected to Army research, NIH and Bill Gates who has invested up to $560 million into the Ebola vaccine.

Via The Common Sense Show website:

• Crucell is developing an Ebola vaccine in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). It has been shown to completely protect monkeys against the virus with a single dose of the vaccine. • Under the terms of the agreement with VRC, Crucell has an option for exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to the Ebola vaccine. • Crucell’s Ebola vaccine entered Phase I clinical trials in Q3 2006. Two groups of 16 volunteers were enrolled and vaccinated. The study showed safety and immunogenicity at the doses evaluated. • In October 2008, Crucell secured a NIAID/NIH award to advance the development of Ebola and Marburg vaccines, with the ultimate aim of developing a multivalent filovirus vaccine. • The award provides funding of up to $30 million, with additional options, worth a further $40 million.

Take a look at the following quote from the same article:

This explains why the CDC and the NIH are bringing Ebola patients into the country to treat. The moment that an Ebola patient crosses the U.S. border, they become the intellectual property of the CDC, NIH and Bill and Melinda Gates! How can we not believe that this is the Hegelian Dialectic run amok in a case of problem creation, solution to the problem and reaction to the problem? The involvement of the USAMRIID is noteworthy because the Army has long been rumored to have created Ebola and, for purposes of experimentation, implanted the artificial virus in Zaire in 1977.

David Hodges joins the show at the 34 minute mark below and if you listen to nothing else today, you should listen to this.

Monday, September 8, 2014

----->>EVENT TO WATCH!!!! HEADS UP WATCH<<<----- Banks Look for Next Bailout Via Obama Executive Order TO HEAR THE INSIDE SCOOP LISTEN TO U TUBE VIDEO BELOW ((FROM A IRS AUDTIOR))) <<<<<<<----------- I KNOW ALL THESE MEN PERSONALLY -----------

Vladimir Putin may have just handed American bankers their next bailout opportunity. Alleged Russian hack attacks on JPMorgan Chase (JPM) are giving bankers the excuse they need to demand yet more of your tax dollars.

An Obama executive order could authorize a multi-billion dollar bank bailout within weeks — a bailout so cleverly disguised that most Americans will never notice. Our Congress certainly won't stop it, either, but I can tell you how it will unfold.

Vote Now: Do You Approve Or Disapprove of President Obama's Job Performance?

Two months ago the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) engaged retired National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander to "consult" with the trade group on cybersecurity matters. I said at the time that Alexander's main job would be to divert taxpayer money toward covering what should be normal overhead costs for the banks.

Their logic is that top banks are so critical to the American economy, yet so exposed to cyberattacks, that protecting the banks is essential to the national defense. All they needed was an example. Now they have one.

We don't know for sure if last month's attack on JPMorgan originated in Russia, but Russia is a perfect villain for the dramatic steps that bank lobbyists want Congress to take. Consider this quote from Edward DeMarco, general counsel of the Risk Management Association, a professional group of the banking industry.

"I can't foresee a situation where the president wouldn't do something via executive order," DeMarco said, according to Bloomberg. "All we're talking about is the difference between the destruction of tangible property and intangible property."

Ah, yes. "All we're talking about," according to Mr. DeMarco, is a statute duly passed by Congress that is now the law of the land. He wants this law changed by an Obama executive order, in the unlikely event Congress fails to do his industry's bidding.

We think of Wall Street bankers as swashbuckling risk takers. They are actually quite the opposite. Top bankers become wealthy by transferring their risks to unwary people who don't understand what they are buying.

The insurance industry has hiked the rates for cyber terrorism insurance to a level Wall Street doesn't want to pay. To reduce this cost, the bankers seek to amend the Stafford Act, which governs the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster insurance programs. FEMA presently covers only "tangible" property losses. Bank profits don't qualify.

Should U.S. taxpayers have to rebuild beachfront mansions owned by people who knew a hurricane would strike someday? I don't think so — nor should taxpayers protect banks looted by hackers.

Alert: IRS Insider Reveals How to Save as Much as $355,000

The bankers who freely chose to build systems vulnerable to cyberattacks are big boys. They can pay their own security costs and buy their own insurance. If they don't like the price tag, they should find another business. What they should NOT do is stick taxpayers with the bill yet again.

--->>>09/04/14 - The Great Bail-In Of 2014?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

◾Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle present their latest findings and intel data dumps concerning the ongoing and soon to explode Trident 3-pronged attack-Tonight on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report – A critical SitRep-Must hear

Most Americans have become “Zombified” and oblivious to the current state of war against the citizens of the U.S., and all citizens in the West as a confluence of preplanned events begin to accelerate to an orchestrated, life changing end of the lifestyles and freedoms to which we’ve become accustomed. There is a palpable escalation of events that lead to the inescapable conclusion that none of this is happening by accident, but by plan.
We have been engaged in a covert global war by proxy, however this global war is now beginning to become more overt as situations continue to heat-up in Ukraine, Syria and all across the Middle East. The globalists are pushing and instituting their technocracy through gunboat diplomacy, tied directly to the U.S. dollar, which is facing its own death at the hands of these neo-Satanic globalists. America’s sovereignty and very existence is at stake.
The United States military is being systematically dismantled from within by these same Satanic globalists who are creating untenable positions for those who reject orders of subjugation to a world power. Ranking officers within the military who refuse to forsake their oaths to the U.S. Constitution are being dispelled and identified as threats. Military personnel are beginning to realize their expendability, and might soon experience the same under this regime of tyranny.
There is the pathogenic Ebola nightmare that is taking place throughout Africa and in select cities across the world that also threatens us in the U.S. and all across the West. Medical surveillance of the various Ebola variations suggest potential if not real weaponization.
We are witnessing the convergence of events, a series of preplanned and orchestrated crises, that will impact every listener to this program. We need to be in a state of spiritual, mental and practical state of readiness as everything is in motion for the crescendo of events.

General Admits American Involved In ISIS Creation